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Samantha Dejesus — HOE!

Samantha Dejesus — HOE!

This girl is a slore! She hops around from man to man! She’s had so much d1ck I her I wouldn’t be surprised if her sh1t looks like roast beef. She talks so much sh1t about everyone gets everyone involved In her sh1t. She’s 29 years old and still about high school drama.. Dont TRUST THIS B1TCH AT ALL SHE HAS NO JOB! LIVES OFF OF OTHER PEOPLE.

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James Walker August 30, 2020 at 10:36 pm

Who ever said this needs to find better things to do then start shit. such a shame they dont have better things to do then bother others. Some people live such sad lives. I know Samantha and She is the caring person I know. People need to keep there mouth shut about shit they know nothing about her.


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