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Rozay Ellyanna — “Elly Katerina” “Rozay Ellyanna” Ran Through Bbm

Rozay Ellyanna — “Elly Katerina” “Rozay Ellyanna” Ran Through Bbm

 Rozay Elly is a little h0e, she strips for both guys and girls for any alcohol she can get her underage hands on. She lives off CFS and her baby dads moms welfare and checks lmfao her kids are just dirty and left at home while she’s out trying to get drunk. She talks sh1t while she’s pregnant to everyone and acts like she’s untouchable, but really she’ll call CFS on you and expect them to protect her. B1tch go watch your kids instead of trying to fw my baby’s dad?? just hurting for d1ck that girl lmfao her own baby dad doesn’t want her because he knows how dirty she is.

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