Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Puerto Rico

Rosa Santiago-Martinez im Waterbury, CT USA

Rosa Santiago-Martinez im Waterbury CT USA. Rosa Santiago-Martinez is a 500 pound Puerto Rican Gorilla who molests children. She cohabitated with Caleb Pallepati to learn to groom and molest kids! She is disgusting as h**l, thick black glasses fat a*s smells like c**p and has a thicker black mane that resembles a gorilla‘s chest hair possibly from drug abuse. She runs disgusting prostitution ads daily on social media, which nobody except one HIV infrcted 80 year old Mexican with a messed up face responds to probably in order tongive her AIDS because she is so disgusting. She also smokes crack daily and worships Satan, using ritualistic abuse to wntrap potential male suitors and then stalking then until they physically restrain her. This disgusting piece of s**t probably originated in Puerto arico and is the result on the lack of diversity from the extinction of the Tiañes Indians centuries ago.

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