Rebecca Elizabeth Poole

Rebecca Elizabeth Poole is an E cam girl on multiple sites such as clover meetme tagged pof tinder etc.She usually goes under the name riiley or boomboomkitty. She’s also a racist who uses the words nig*** often too and a video of one such example will be on YouTube in a couple days. She scams men claiming to be the only one for them only to turn it around once she sees that you will not be providing her funds. I had a mate who slept with her last year while she had a bf,Anthony bizzy, who is also known to be hero-in addict who lives in Boston and owns businesses apparently but takes advantage of a older tenant named will/Thomas which is at the very least elder abuse.
She’ll make up claims such as being sexually assaulted in college or growing up getting abused by her dad but neither incident had ever occurred.Even claimed her last boyfriend Mohammed from Columbus Ohio had beaten her twice but that is not known to be a fact either.However these are the types of men she attracts and I hope to spread more awareness with more of these posts.

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