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Ready start business solutions- Super unpleasant experience and waste of money

Ready start business solutions

Ready start business solutions- Super unpleasant experience and waste of money

This business ( and I use the word loosely) is totally focussed on scamming people.

They provide you with pretty, glossy website information. Which I found foolishly fell for, but once you pay them; you get some pretty useless information that is freely available online. The assistance and support… crickets!
Judging by the lack of quality I’m assuming it’s all created by $1 an hour freelancers from India. I wrote to the company, but never heard back.

It is also worth noting that they do not have security measures in place for anything, and so your entire project, details and payment details are likely accessed by any one they have freelancing or outsourced. There is no consistency at Ready start Business Solutions, my passwords etc are not secured. So aside from wasting my money I now fear for my financial details etc. this company give their rogue freelancers unfettered access to everything. The owner is operating the business from a rented shit box in Belmore, and yes you guessed it he is a sleezy-lebbo weeks ago, my nightmare resulting in doing business with them and I am stressed to no end. It is a total nightmare, from every angle, doing business with Ready start Business Solutions wad the worst idea I have ever had.

If I can save 1 person only, this would be worth it. Peoples stay the hell away from Ready start Business Solutions.

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