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Ratchet A55 Levora Cummings

Ratchet A55 Levora Cummings

This is Levora Cummings she stays in the Joy and Wyoming area this bald headed b1tch is a deadbeat mother to her 4 kids by 4 different fathers which she has spread all over the city of Detroit she is too busy being a thot to be bothered one of them she lost custody of the other three she has pawned off to whoever will take them she’s nasty af she dont wash and will infect you with multiple DRD’s the b1tch is trifling and ratchet she lives off of other people and is scamming the government for welfare checks she squats in peoples houses sucking d1ck in exchange for rent her car was repossessed because she never pays her bills she spends it on Rainbow clothes, weave, nails, and lashes she is a typical Detroit rat ? her game is to get pregnant to get over she is 4 kids deep abandoning all of them sis is disgusting as they come don’t fall for her lies and bullshyt if you meet her at the club you have been warned

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