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Rashmi Paramkusham HIV AIDS

Rashmi Paramkusham HIV AIDS

“ Rashmi Paramkusham HIV AIDS”
Rashmi Paramkusham is a low life criminal immigrant is a home wrecker,Hooker,prostitute . Rashmi Paramkusham had an affair with my husband while being married to her husband.Rashmi Paramkusham is a low level slore with zero morals. Rashmi Paramkusham an immigrant from India on a H1B visa.A non-citizen of United States. Rashmi Paramkusham manipulated my husband and kept sending him nude pictures, provocative alluring pictures!! Rashmi Paramkusham is a low level slore!!! WARNING!!!! WARNING to all men and women and employers of the United States and World to stay far far away from this crazy Scam Con Artist!!!! Her fake English school is total bulls*it and fraud, entire thick fake accent

living in the country illegally on an expired visa committing all the fraud & is infected with HIV AIDS sleeping with married men bosses at work for H1B visa, infected with HIV AIDS.
Rashmi Paramkusham has slept with my husband her boss while married to Vishal Musthyala.Rashmi Paramkusham is sleeping with my husband threatening him for a H1B visa petition.
Rashmi Paramkusham is not recommended to be hired by any of the corporate companies in the United States and this criminal should be deported back!

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