Raquel Negrete

Raquel Negrete
Complaint Specialist
Better Business Bureau Silicon Valley Branch
1112 S Bascome Avenue
Jan Jose, California 95128-3507
(408) 278-7400

Raquel Negrete is the biggest whore for Big Tech and Silicon Valley as a PLANT inside the Better Business Bureau Silicon Valley branch. Someone needs to investigate her financial ties/corruption/links to Silicon Valley’s Big Tech firms such as Google, PayPal, Yelp, and other criminally corrupt companies as all this witch does is come up with reason after reason, however mundane or ridiculous, to get serious severe complaints dismissed against these monstrous tech companies, such as Google’s manipulation of search results to favor their cronies/friends, PayPal stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from small business all across the country and then keeping the interest generated from their theft/storage of other peoples’ cash, and Yelp deleting good reviews and keeping up bad reviews so that people buy their services.

The list is endless, but Google is Raquel Negrete’s biggest and richest sugar daddy, and it is quite obvious that she is getting major perks, bribes, and benefits for constantly shit-canning legitimate complaints against these Jewish Organized Crime Big Tech companies.

Be guided accordingly.

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