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Randi Tyra Anderson — Randi Tyra At It Again

Randi Tyra Anderson — Randi Tyra At It Again

Pepsihead hoebag is at it again.. ffs! Shes a couple months pregnant with the famous man slore leonard starr who has 6 kids allegedlyy does she even know who her bbdaddy is she sleeps around with any guy who will pay for her meal or more pepsi to put up her big nose LOL sleeps with old east indian men for $$ and to afford the ‘ good life ‘ she fakes. on ig and facebook your a loser randi go get a job set a better example for your babygirl teach her theres more to life then selling your fish sticks to random men to pay your cellphone bill and getting your nails done no plastic surgery can fix that thing between your legs your one of the trashiest in winnipeg floozying since you were 14 go buy some class and stop selling your a55 your pregnant give that poor child a chance at life or put it up for adoption washedup slore Watch out for randi bobandii probably catch something you cant get rid of bahahaha Your no better than shayna mayybe u should be bf your both junkie sloots who sleep with anything that walks for your next fix beware guyys miss im all that your trash h0e.

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