Rainbow Colored Home Wrecker

Kristin Tsafos of Philadelphia, PA will contact your husband multiple times – usually someone from her past – bc she has daddy issues. She will find an “hole” in the relationship and go for it. She will hook them with conversation, fake compassion, and flirting, making him start to like the attention and fake caring. She starts to plan activities further in the future to create an obligation and to keep him around. Then she manipulates everything to confuse him and make him believe he may not love his wife anymore. When he starts to think for himself, she uses guilt trips, lengthy texts spilling her silly fake feelings, manipulation, and uses everything he once said against him to further convince him why he strayed in the first place. She has “pick me” issues and uses them to turn the whole situation into a challenge for herself and a “win/lose” situation between her and the wife. She uses verbal abuse and tantrums to keep him feeling bad for wanting to take a step back and think about what he is doing – to keep him distracted and guilt him. She has no respect for marriage, or the person she is pursuing. Beware of this disgusting psycho. She is a local photographer in Philadelphia…..coming to a concert near you to take pictures, and possibly your husband. She thinks she can break even the longest of relationships with her silly bullshit and fake rainbow hair color that changes every week. Turns out she cannot. Watch your husbands ladies. The daddy issues are real.

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