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Rachel Pinson — Sociopath Manipulator Slore

Rachel Pinson — Sociopath Manipulator Slore

This is Rachel Pinson, mom of 5. Who all have different fathers. This b1tch uses and plays every man she meets. After about a year she flips on them and pulls every lie out of her a55.  Claiming the fathers are drug addicts, abusers, tells them to disassociate themself with their families, beats them and then takes them for all their worth. All while keeping the kids from their fathers, she uses her kids as pawns in her game and lies straight to their faces. Even before one guy moves out she has another sad sap in her vision ready to get knocked up and ruin his life too. All her neighbors talk about her and the town thinks she’s a joke. There have been concerns since she works at the school, what she doesn’t know is how many people are trying to get her fired there. Her karma will come and her vagina will fall out sooner or later if she keeps treating it like a cum dumpster. Oh and she recently started selling arbonne, so if you need to get anymore scammed hit her up ?

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