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Rachel Cote — Married Slore With Married Man

Rachel Cote — Married Slore With Married Man

 This crazy a55 b1tch Rachel is actualy Bria Byman. She went crazy after her older brother died so that’s why we assumed she changed her name to get away from her psycho reputation. But it’s still not an excuse to sleep with married men she cheated on her husband josh with another married man named josh and gave him a DRD. So now they’re allllllll spreading the DRD around town. She lied about her seperation date and is sleeping around with another guy from tinder named Andrew. Josh also has a sordid history with girls in PG. He uses snapchat to talk to us jstecks12 and is still cheating on his wife and Rachel too his good friend mike I should say *GOOF* friend mike has been helping him cover his dumb a55 by making alibis. Rachel has an abortion behind joshs back and josh has a baby girl with an native chick from FSJ. All while they were married.

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