Quinton Waller- with star football players 71 year old Mom

The ultimate scumbag, Quinton Waller aided by his Pimp, who is also his Mother, Esther Waller (Edmunds) have been preying on multiple women in the Hopewell, Chester, Richmond and Petersburg Virginia areas. Esther happens to be the daughter of deceased Preacher Woodrow Waller. She encourages Quinton to not only sleep with married women but also take their money as well. Quinton is a career criminal and convicted felon, who is a known crack addict with 9 kids with different baby mamas. Oh and of course he has no job. He was allowed to stay at the home of the star football player’s family in Chester, VA and ended up sleeping with the Mother for 11 years! The woman who he had this adulterous relationship with has a son who has played in the Superbowl and is said to be the best athlete to ever come from that area. Quinton laughs at the 71 year old’s 2 son as dummies for not even suspecting him banging their mom. Quinton also has multiple women and he shows up at public events in Richmond and Petersburg with them as if that is okay in a civilized society. One of these women is also married with children and Esther encourages this woman to visit their home at Southcreek court in south chesterfield, Virginia every single day. Quinton’s uncle owns a church in Petersburg but it seems that his family are okay with his adulteries. They also use the family tire shop at city point road in Hopewell, Virginia as a meeting point for married women. We have all the evidence and will continue to keep you guys informed. God does not like the sin of adultery and as he has punished King David in the bible when he was with Bathsheba he also delivered the same punishment to Quinton before but he still continues to this day.

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