Philadelphia corrections officer, Ed Brown, cheats on his wife then girlfriend with my wife

Ed Brown knew she was married with 3 kids but he manipulated her into thinking he cared. It takes a special kind of lowlife To have complete lack of any morals. Don’t get me wrong she’s just as guilty and we are in therapy for it but he should not get away with it.

Their first run started In 2014 and lasted for about two years. After it became clear to him that she wouldn’t leave me he ditched her for another woman named Sarah. He and Sarah moved in together and had a child. Then after a couple years he started texting my wife again. My wife and I had a rough spot in 2019 after I had two failed back surgeries and ended up relapsing after 12 years of sobriety. So they started seeing each other again although he was still with Sarah and a small child. The affair finally ended June 2021 after I found text messages on her phone. He Is a typical wannabe player who cheated on his ex-wife current girlfriend and at least six kids that I know of. Period. He is a piece of shit and his girlfriend Sarah deserves to know. I have two years of phone records, text messages, and audio recordings of Of him bragging.

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