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Penis Trap – Minki Kwak – Mew Jersey Mother Fucker ! Woo

This scum name Minki kwak has a Korean older wive and live in Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ for share mortgage. This scum is obscene shameless Player husband. He never open his marriage even he married over 15 years to his wive for getting green card. He lie divorced and pretend single to cheat other women around his workplace , in company!!!

His ugly face just like his bad behavior. He lies many. Surely, he is not love his Wive anymore. So, He use other women for benefits, satisfy his Penis ! . This scumbag cheat love relationship and sex. After that, of course he lie again and run away as a WUSS ! Pretend a good puppy husband in front of his older wive and sharing living cost continue with his WIVE ! He lie and He is still married!! This fucking Korean Scumbag ! Mother Fucker ! Penis trap and mother fucker . He got STD and HIVs to speed around !

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