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Paul Lyttle 40 Year Old Slum

Paul Lyttle 40 Year Old Slum

This guy is 40 years old and still play games he has 5 kids but will tell you he only has 4 . This man acts like he a gentleman but he just another wasteman in oshawa. This girl he was dating told him he had bed bugs but this man didn’t do anything about he had bed bugs for about 6 months. He lives in the south of oshawa if he ever invites to his place I advise you not to go unless you want to come hom covered in bed bug bites . This man place is dirty and his oral hygiene is the worst he has breathe would literally knock you out ? the man walk around with his foot asher than sandpaper he walk around with holes in his boxers . This man owns a two bedroom and has all 4 of he kids sleep in one bedroom . This man just another broke ass nigga he wants to talk about other woman not being perfect but his dreads are falling out and he hair line is reciting. Ladies this man is 40 and not ready for a relationship no woman should take him seriously he is a joke.

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