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Paul Conner — Take A Good Look At This Lying Fraud

Paul Conner — Take A Good Look At This Lying Fraud

This right here is Paul Conner. He claims to be a pastor and started a church in east van, but really the only thing hes after is money so he can support his lazy a55 without having to actually do any real work. I used to be in his church until i noticed how he and his wife were were treating my wife. She was their personal slave. Some days she would cry at how Jennette (his narcissistic wife) would treat her. I didnt see it at first then i realized i was being treated in the same manner. Guys this is not how a christian pastor acts. In the beggining he was actually humble about starting a church. Then he took of his sheep clothing and then the wolf came out. Basically the church is set up as a non taxable business. The more people the more money. Dont be decieved just look at his priorities. Hes always saying “i need some time off so im going away on a trip” which the church pays for. This guys so lazy he always has other people doing work for him and his wife even when it comes to preaching he always has someone else doing it for him. Hes even got this multimillionaire retirees that he love to spoil whenever they come in church even though they barely show up. He loves them cuz he get alot of “love gifts” from them. Funny thing is this retired couple is so fake and far from being a christian. Ive seen how they dont like to asossiate with coloured people, but they dont seem to have a problem with us whites. Sad butthis is the reality Paul just turns a blind eye to it cuz his wallet needs a refill. Everything about this guy is fake just look at the google reviews for his church. Notice how all the stars are lit up thats cuz he demanded everyone to write something nice about his church so that more people would come. The truth is he doesnt even care about the poor people of east van cuz this loser was never from there or experiences the hardship of growing up there. Yes the neighborhood has changed but there are actually people who are still struggling there. This guys doesnt even like to going to the rougher neighborhoods of east van to invite people to church. he like to stay closer to the burnaby side or on the north end of boundary where all the rich people are. Shame on him. Biggest freeloader i know just look at the truck thats parked outside his house that was free so was his trip with his wife to europe. Just cuz your dad is also a pastor doesnt mean your entitled to heaven. Get real one day youll be exposed and people will see youfor who you really are. Oh yeah and btw the real reason some of the people dont come anymore and they actually told me this lol is that their is they felt like you had underlying intentions. What ever that meant ill leave that for you to decipher

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