Paris Herard, Argyll Scott HIV Herpes STDs


This jackass from Marseille spreads Herpes and STDs around which is obvious from the frenzied and desperate ways he chases tails. He solicits floozies and has multiple dating profiles for groups like Hiking with Asian girls. He often exaggerates his career to impress the ladies, truth is he didn’t have one. He pads about in a fog bank of jizz, ball sweat, and hobo farts, no doubt a result of his chronic masturbation and poor hygiene. Paris has porn addiction and admits to his extreme tastes in watching Asian girls in gang bangs porn. He boasts about getting high paid Aussie escorts on Scarlet Blue and banged women like Rene Joile and Vivienne Black. Paris likes to get drunk and beat up and rape women while breathing his sour breath in their ears as he slobbers all over them. He makes it a goal to get the girls drunk so they won’t be able to fight back or remember anything. And then he claims he doesnt remember anything because he was so drunk but he knows the girl definitely came on to him. Repeat offender. Some poor Asian girl recently married him because she couldn’t bare the shame. Just walk away ladies.

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