California Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters

Pamela Suzanne Antonio

Straight from the “throat-goat’s” mouth….

“If I told you all of my secrets, what will I have for myself? I was hungry for mischief. I needed to feel something else. Wasn’t it you who told me I should always be happy? Didn’t you think this would happen? My fruit is dripping and I’m slipping into something so familiar. Soaked from the inside out, I’ve been drenched in darkness. Cloaked in pleasure, I’ve masked my shame. But this feeling won’t last long, and I will go back and do it again. I cannot stay committed exclusively to just one person, anymore. You have discovered my darkest secret and now I shall no longer hide. I will always be unfaithful to you, Vincent. Just as I was unfaithful to Manny years ago.”

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