Paige M. Jacobs

The “knight rider “ of Bluffton Indiana, who works for first fleet, Peyton’s Northern as a 3rd shifter.
Mud shark Paige Jacobs has been a chocolate dipper since before high school. Niggers ran trains on her then and are doing it now! You’ll bottom out fast with this DSD giver. Paige Marie Jacobs of Bluffton Indiana, has jingle fever as this snow bunny misses the coal mines. Paige Jacobs the snicker licker of Fort Wayne and Bluffton Indiana, will do anything for the almighty dollar! If you fall into her trap on Snapchat of her sending a photo or snap of her pierced nipples and you send a Jack video back you are screwed by the Oreo eater Paige Jacobs of Indiana! (Same name on instagram for you topanga’s)
This charcoal burning cornball brother loving babe who loves the nig and pig lifestyle, that works for first fleet and is on massive amounts of drugs, buyer beware. DSD will be in your future if you mess around with the panda/Zebra hunter of Fort Wayne and Bluffton Indiana Paige Marie Jacobs!
Black cock lover, mud shark, snow queen…

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