Obscene Jerk Minki Kwak pretends to be single or divorced to cheat many women relationships

This Korean scum married. He pretends to be single or divorced so far. He pretends friendly to approach his target in his workplace. After he slept with her. This idiot made an excuse to run away just after sex !! In fact, he still together with his wife and never split. He call his wife to be EX wife shamelessly in front of his sex partner or g/f. This Jerk said his wife infertility , but cheat on her to share house mortgage continually.
They lives in 24 Kiwanis Wayne, NJ currently. This scum works at Aden and anais. His wife phone 201-983-2345.
It is appreciated if anyone tell his wife about the true face of his Scumbag husband bad behaviors. You can Safe other women to be his victim !!

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