Obscene Jerk – Cheat fucker – STD Scum Minki Kwak

쓰레기남 /. 찌질남 – 곽민기

This Korean scum married on 2005 and he did not provide military service for Korean and marriage for US Citizenship. This scum pretended single so far for playing with women around.. He lies divorced to cheats women in workplace. Plays women but not pay money.

This scum use all women for his selfish and no responsibility benefits.

This scum cheats on different workplace and working at Aden and anais currently. This obscene scum lie divorced, but still living with his wive for sharing his mortgage and living cost at 24 Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ.
He don’t love his wive but count on her for benefits. This scum is real Dick fucker. His dirty short Dick not a man

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