Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Newfoundland

Norman Lush Promotes Pregnant Stripper/Prostitute Shaniece Johnson, BRANDY BOOTYLICIOUS.

Norman Lush Promotes Pregnant Stripper/Prostitute Shaniece Johnson BRANDY BOOTYLICIOUS.

There seems to be no limits to the depravity of Norman (NeRm) Lush, his website Nladult and his Newfoundland brothels Hush and the red room. Proudly selling a young girl like Shaniece Johnson while she’s 6 months pregnant to work as a stripper/floozy is disturbing. It’s just plain sick. And what’s even sicker is that anyone would either work with these people or even worse support their businesses. Norman (NeRm) Lush has a daughter around the same age who recently had a child. Would this have been ok if it was someone doing this to your daughter? With your grandchild? Probably not. Because you’re too busy getting high and thinking you’re the grandmaster pimp of St. John’s, Newfoundland you don’t even see the hypocrisy. Whole Newfie joke books have been written about ghetto trash like this.

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Nova Rockwood January 29, 2021 at 7:47 am

This MAGGOT of a “man” has just attempted to destroy my reputation! I MANAGED his filthy drug infested trap house “Red Room” and desperately tried to do the right thing and bring it to a level of CLASS it used to have when Kendra owned it… he REPEATEDLY told me to “GET FUCKING RID OF THAT SHIT BEFORE ANYONE SEES IT!!” Well NORM… I’ve got PHOTOS AND SCREENSHOTS and …. yes, a VOICE RECORDING of the POS in the above photo going MENTAL on me after I QUIT because I was sick of his insane drama. He NOW has posted an ad on saying that I “SCAMMED” and STOLE from users of the site with NO EVIDENCE, in fact I AM THE ONE with all the evidence, but of course, this scumbag has blocked me from posting what I have to say. I wish I knew this existed before!! You would LOVE to hear all the things I can tell you AND back up with evidence 100% about the sick, ILLEGAL shit going on in his whore/trap houses…. the LIES he feeds uses of nladult.. I’ve got EVERYTHING in black and white. This POS needs to be brought to his knees.. and I do NOT MEAN the glory hole in the basement either! ? ???


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