Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Vancouver

Nikki Mihalick — Cyber Bully Gossip Girl

Nikki Mihalick — Cyber Bully Gossip Girl

 Everyone meet Nikki. Her mom did cocaine and crack with her while she was in the womb so that’s why her face is so messed up. Her personality isn’t much better either. Nikki has spent her life bullying others because she’s so insecure about herself and her poor upbringing and sh1tty family. Non existent father and crack head mom, doesn’t make a good mix. She’s single for a reason and spends her time gossiping about people who are better than her and she’s jealous of. Nikki is a neglectful selfish person with a drinking problem. Someone needs to put her in her place and this is the perfect spot for Nikki. Right on the dirty where she belongs.

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