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Myr Myrakle Evil In True Form

Myr Myrakle Evil In True Form

 Sum this one up to , she a homie hoppin,back stabbin,life destroying, human version of a pin cushion , pathetic, loser , who is so clueless as to the fact everyone really hates her and only act like her minnions cuz of u dont do what she says she makes ur life hell…(example..”ask her why cops on uniform on duty come to her babyshower with gifts for her”.. “((the word “bird” in a sneeze”)) …she thinks shes doing “big things” down on wallace st. Wallaceburg .how petty…. And id like to shout out to her….have fun with ur dead end life cuz what n where u are now is all itll ever be for you ,big tyme…hahaha… Maybe she will realize that one day n do the world a favor n get rid of herself. She Drops down for dope guys fyi lol .. real cheap…so ladies watch her cuz she has no shame in that game n will sleep with any guy who has a baggie on them . . Myr is truly one of the worst evil horrid mean bullies that exists .. if ya dont believe me …hang around her …u will soon find out

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Barry October 24, 2020 at 11:20 am

She looks retarded. Is that from drugs or was she born that way?


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