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Mya Ann Taylor — Unless You Want Drds Stay Away From This Girl!!!

Mya Ann Taylor — Unless You Want Drds Stay Away From This Girl!!!

  I write this as a SERIOUS warning to everybody who sees it. This girl Mya is nothing but trouble to both men and women. She has cheated on EVERY relationship she has been in. When the guys find out about it and want to be done she attacks them. Physically attacks them. One of them she attacked with a knife and cut his hand open. She has been arrested quite a few times over assault/battery and has had a couple restraining orders put against her (which she violates). Feel free to look it all up under Pinellas County Inmate search. Type Mya Taylor. So on top of being psychotic she also lies through her teeth about everything. Even her skin color lol. She knows no boundaries and has no respect for relationships. If you are with a guy she wants shes going to do everything she can to ruin that relationship. She has been trying this with my friend and her boyfriend for over a year and a half now. Pathetic right? I saved the best (or worst) for last though. She comes with herpes. Thats right genital herpes. The incredibly messed up thing is she knows she has it and continues to sleep with people unprotected (I know a couple idiots who have slept with her and now have herpes). So if you see this girl coming your way or trying to talk to you, run away FAST!

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