My name is Fabrizio Salomone and I am a sex offender

I was denounced by feminist haters because I was naked in front of them in a public place while I was masturbating. I was threatened to be recorded and then the video used against me if I had not immediately stopped. My face was apparent, I was naked in front of women who despised me, and I was on the edge, full of that irrepressible pleasure that comes with such sick and perverse masturbation. They spit on me, beaten me and verbally lynched me when I gave my agreement to be recorded on their video. One of them asked me if I wished a total social suicide. I accelerated my hand on my dick and I answered immediately yes. Another woman proposed that I introduce myself while a third woman was filming my retarded face and ugly body, so my name is Fabrizio Salomone, yes I am a total pervert, a sex offender, a stalker who wish to be denounced by angry women for my deviant behavior. I also confessed to having installed spy cameras in women’s restrooms and locker rooms. They said that the video would be sent to the police and published on the internet. They sent the video to police and I went to jail, I lost some friends and a lot of people walked away from me. I live in disgrace and my own life ruined because I’m a maniac pervert but I’m extremely aroused by all this.

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