Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Cheater Tricia Karst

Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Cheater Tricia Karst

Hey Ladys you need to watch out for this lady her name is TRICIA KARST and shes a MARRIAGE WRECKING WHORE who sleeps with married men. Not only does she sleep with married men she is married herself n is Fucken around on her own husband. I know this because she was sleeping with my husband. My son couldn’t even go around. She actually even had the nerve to take her 10 year old daughter around as well. They always went out to the lake so they didn’t get caught. But Tricia you should of new ur in moose jaw n everyone knows everyone😂😂😂 she works at Whiskey and Pearls so keep ur men away from there cause GUARANTEE she probably is sleeping with them too.

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