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Misty J Coone — Misty The Meth Slore. — Steer Clear!

Misty J Coone — Misty The Meth Slore. — Steer Clear!

 This chick right here doesn’t give a fuk about anything other than dope. She lost her kid due to the dope and she’s allowed 5 is it a year but he doesn’t utilize them because she’s too worried about chasing the dragon. She’ll do whatever and say whatever she needs to but whenever all of your cash is deflated and you can’t buy her anymore meth, it’s on! Show f*** anybody man, woman, dog, tree as long as it means she gets high afterwards. She’s a master manipulator. And she is disgusting she literally only sleeps all day long unless she’s out screwing to get dope. Janet clean up after herself she doesn’t bathe for days on end to the point where her pussy STINKS and she will comment on it but won’t do anything about it or clean her nasty self up. The only skills she has is rolling bowls and riding d1cks.

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