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Misty Albert Has The Crown Of Whores Beware #2

Misty Albert Has The Crown Of Whores Beware #2

Misty Albert Has The Crown Of Whores Beware #2. These are the events that are so embarrassing I’ve struggled with saying anything but, I’ve given this careful consideration before deciding it’s time to just put this out there about a super cheater and oh so much more…. Misty Albert who is on multiple sites: tinder-Instagram/ Snapchat/Facebook /WhatsUpp/TikTok to name a few. So, I met her on May 6, 2018, she was living in Sioux City, Iowa seemed genuinely nice but said her ex beat her lied to her, and cheated on her. It all seemed believable however as we dated, I noticed late-night calls, texts and she would get lost saying she stayed at a friend’s house. And the night I first talked to her she said she was single but was actually at a concert with some random Black guy “Mike #1” she meets from tinder and gave him oral s*x there at the concert;(see video from the concert) afterward, she went to a different bar to meet up with another black guy from Tinder where she had s*x with him after this she would go to the bar where her ex Ian was working, which she took home that night but somehow forgot to mention or lied about it to me, 2 days later she would go to a random guys house she meets on tinder “Ryan” as she wanted to be handcuffed and have a**l s*x, amongst other things, “I’d actually read in the text to him” which she would indeed do and again two days later, all while talking to me. In between that she would sneak in one more Guy her Ex Ian’s friend who would stop by her work, so she conveniently went to meet him and yep had s*x with “Rob “as well. The following night after Ryan’s second time s******g her she would be at the local bar in Sioux City Iowa and met with “Fred” another tinder guy she’d meet and took him to her house to have s*x and had just met him that night, getting him out the house by 6 am as the following day she would meet with Black Anthony and take to Bike night in Sioux city where they would, make out and he’d buy her more underwear see pictures that she’d send to me and everyone else who she’d been seeing also before taking him home and giving him some community p***y and oral too see the video. For the second time as the first one was at the end of April 2018 where she’d meet him at Abbie’s and they would get high smoking weed before she got on her knees but couldn’t go home because her ex Ian thought they were dating as did Todd/ Steve/ Black Anthony/myself on May 6/ Black Mike #1 and 5 or 6 others. Not to mention after she would do Black Anthony she’d kick him out at 5 am see text to me and have another date with a black guy Michael #2 see pics Saturday and then Sunday brag about riding in another Black guys caddy “pink see pics” cause she was drunk but performed oral s*x and then a**l because she was sore from the last 5 nights in a row of different guys banging her. But misty lied to me and him and everyone else that she was seeing including Todd from Lincoln, who she’d meet at a concert and send me pictures of the event” see pics” but would make out with him and go have s*x with him there then would leave go get cleaned up at her house (send me more pictures) go to the bar and take another black guy home that night, and lie again see pictures…then come Sunday have another date with a different black guy in the pictures and have s*x with him. But that’s not it another one night stand with a guy she just meets Black Mike who shed give oral s*x to on the way to drop her drunk friend off in Lemars, Iowa, and then home but totally lie see the text I received, as she claimed she didn’t know him but hung out all night and sucked his d**k, where there are two videos of this with her an two or three different black guys and 40-60 more see pictures and timeline as well, which I had no knowledge of cause, had I known she was this type of person she would’ve never moved to Omaha to stay with me in November 2018. I started talking with Misty on May 6th, 2018 via Tinder by June 13th we had started talking phone and text, although by June 19th she had already had s*x with 15-20 random guys see timeline that I’m sure we all didn’t know about each other and had sexted/sent nudes and planned to meet another 30 -50. Although since I did not know of Misty’s second life as a “professional prostitute” I thought she was telling the truth clearly, I was wrong. Throughout the year 2018 Misty would repeatedly go out and get lost night after night, it didn’t matter that we were dating and officially on Facebook August 4th, 2018 she would come to see me and go back to Sioux City and continue her collection of randoms along with sexting/sending nudes/one night stands. On August 6-7 2018 would stay the weekend but say she had to rush home on Sunday as she had a date with another random guy from Tinder/Social Media that night. This would happen again on August 8-9, 2018 when she claimed she was sick and had to go to the doctors after work and she was there but to get birth control and see if she was pregnant as she had been having multiple one nights stands, all while seeing mee and many more, she would tell me she was at home but this was a lie as she would be at the firehouse both nights and with different random guys each night taking them home to perform oral and normal s*x. But she would say to this day she did not although pictures don’t lie and are there showing she even texted me while there saying she was at home listening to music yet take a one-night-stand guy home each night. Then on August 10-12, 2018 she would again come and stay with me and return home on the afternoon of the 12Th of August. It was a great weekend at concerts and riding I’d have no knowledge of her second life of a professional prostitute. It all seemed normal and I even sent her roses on the 14th of August 2018 to her work but I’d have no ideal that on that same day her ex-husband Mike would bring her kids to see her and stay with her for the week. She would totally lie about it and in fact, got in a fight with him at 2 am Friday morning and he would leave with the kids, why would they fight at 2 am? And did they have more than just drinks as it showed in the video she hid? Yeah, I’m sure of it… but she would lie still again. However, in December We decided to us get a new place and that is exactly what happened we found something new and I put the money down, we would take possession in Feb 2019 I would also get her a 2ct ring for Christmas and move towards our future, although things would get a little wild as I’d needed to complete two major projects to move forward with the money to buy everything new. She would get multiple calls all hours and they were wrong numbers etc. She would have a crazy post from men on Social Media, but they were just friends, well that is what she would tell me. On January 14, 2019, she would start a major fight with me and leave heading to St Claire Michigan where she was from and family kids were too, and yes here kids left from Iowa because of her ex so she said. Well she would get there January 20, 2019, and start calling me saying she was sorry and wanted to come back well I got her a plane ticket to come back February 7-14 2019 things would go good so I didn’t think much of it and she asked if we could be exclusive while we tried to work things out I agreed because I thought we always were, I’d have her fly back March 7, 2019, and stay till March 18, 2019, however, we went out with friends and it came out that she had been really trashing me and calling me names to our mutual friends so much that they came up and asked me. She got drunk and it went bad as I had to take her to my Sister’s house as she kept slapping me calling me names and being crazy which seemed out of place. But she would sober up at my sister’s house and return home on the 18th March 2019, however, she would already be dating someone and texting other guys from my sister’s house and the whole time from mine while visiting. She would call and say she was sorry and just didn’t want to lose me so I gave her another chance although while in Michigan she would do a lot of random stuff like go tanning at 2 pm and be completely make-upped but return 9-10 hours later like she just woke up, it went on many times, she said she was at home. She would claim she didn’t go out or meet nor talk with anyone like before, however, she not only went out she was meeting and having s*x /sexting /sending nudes to multiple men again to the tune of 45 new ones or 37 new black guys and 8 white from Jan 20, 2019, till April 17,2019 times see pictures with different random guys again from tinder/social media. Again, she would lie and tell me she went to church or to tan or to her families all lies again. On April 17, 2019, we decided she should come home well she did and things were great till May 3, 2019, when I noticed that she kept erasing something on the phone and it looked odd, so I asked her but she said no, However that night it continued and when I woke up I had a horrible feeling, and I asked her to tell me the truth what’s going on? Nothing in life would prepare me for what happened next, she assured me shed done nothing and handed me her phone. I told her to tell me the truth and we can work through whatever, but she lied right to me, I opened it and seemed normal, but I thought what is missing? Well, she had closed the dating apps and moved everyone into Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook messenger, and tried to hide things, well I would learn that she was not just with me. In Sioux City Iowa she had been doing random one night stands with guys she just met or she meets on tinder Social Media, while she was in Michigan she was doing it as well, she had even called these men from my old house and now new home sending sexting nude pictures and so much more. When everything came out it was 203 guys (70-90 black men) (30-40 mixed race) and remaining white from Snapchat (dreamy78) …On Facebook, the number was 189 (78 black men) (20-30 mixed race) the remaining white. Leaving Instagram (Blondie1278) that was 200 more (68 black men) (40-45 mixed race) the remaining white ….I literally puked at the site of the text(sexting nudes back and forth and numerous meetings with guys from all over the world one night stands 5-7 days of the week in Sioux City and most of the time meeting and having s*x with 1-3 different guys a day and that was from May 2018 till November and in Michigan from Jan 2019 thru April 17 2019 there where another 60-70 guys she’d been sexting /sending nudes/ and meeting for one night stands, she lied to me /her family,/and her kids/ she even got a ring on Jan 28-29 while in Michigan from someone after being gone all day MIA and would say she bought it but look close the ring don’t lie (see ring image) and so many pictures videos sent to guys it’s hard to think she wasn’t a call girl as from May 6 2018 till December 31 2019 Misty Albert sent 3700 hundred videos/ pictures to guys in nude/lingerie/underwear/with adult toys you name it she did it and it was worst some of these men were her friends boyfriends or husbands or people she worked with at her job who were other people’s husbands/boyfriends she was even known for going to lunch with people she worked with or customers and giving them oral s*x or full on s*x didn’t matter if they just meet she would often take 2 or 3 guys home at once, she even had s*x with her first husband and his brother and afterwards would go and screw his other friends he just didn’t know. One week After Misty broke up with Mike her first husband she would go to work and met a friend go to a bar and take 2 black guys home and one girl having s*x with all of them at once which she continued to do through the years. I would find out that she had more threesomes with black guys then I could count but would claim she was never interested in those men as she stated, WTF if you’ve slept with 170 black guys I think it’s a little late for that? But she tried to hide it from family, kids, and friends, so all said and done she would be carrying on relationships with a few hundred men from May 6 201 till February 20, 2020, while we dated, but even when faced with all that she has continued to literally blame me for her provocative and rather nasty double life. I told her she had to move out but I didn’t want her homeless so it was arranged for her to stay with my sister and we’d help her get the job we’d been trying to get her in Omaha, even though she did this I still tried to help her as I thought she could change, nope she blamed everything on me, even went into the job and told the men there that I did everything to her and she was innocent and never did anything wrong and I threw her out because she caught me, she was telling everybody these lies because I didn’t want to defend myself as I was trying to protect and her reputation, so I took the blame and just prayed for her, well she would say she was trying to make it right just don’t give up but sure enough she’d get caught again with coworkers (men) from her new job here in her social media sending them picture/calls late at night and doing what she did before meeting customers from her work giving out her personal information so she could engage in her double life. The best part is she said she never did anything it was all me however on January 1, 2020, she would get caught again with another list of almost 100 on Snapchat and 20+ from Facebook dating sexting/sending nudes/meeting and sleeping with 10-12 new randoms from the from January 1, 2020, to January 30, 2020, or more because she thought she was pregnant and freaked cause she didn’t know who’s it was or what race because she had been with multiple White, or Black, Other races she went to the hospital January 28, 2020, as her home pregnancy kit said positive, however, January 29, 2020, she would be negative. Misty Albert also is known as Misty Betts/Misty Walbert is by far the worst person I have ever dated or known as this is beyond horrible. If you see her in your inbox of your husband or boyfriend beware, she will lie/cheat/blame everyone for her adulterous actions. Misty is on numerous p**n sites having s*x with random guys and even on a 17-year-old kid that her husband or someone filmed, a few years ago on July 2, 2016, when she was 36 years old. However, this is nothing there are so many messages/ sexting and nudes from her to men from everywhere it is unreal. Not to mention while married to her second husband Gary she would have multiple men at their house having s*x while he was gone or go to theirs. It is horrible as Gary thought it was only Ian. Nope, there were no less than 30 men she was s******g and when she left Gary for Ian, she said it was not true. She screwed 10 or 15 of Ian’s friends and 5 of Gary’s (ex-husbands) and she lied to both of them about it including her friend’s husband Bryan who seen the video Ian showed him and followed her home from the Bar where she had been trying to have s*x with two of his friends but took Black Bryan home her friends boyfriend and had s*x. I was on the phone when he arrived and heard the conversation and said wtf? As she told me she was single!!! But she said it was a misunderstanding and he left. No, it was not you did it! And then took to more of Ian’s friends’ home from their bar “Jake and Isaiah” screwed Jake first at the house and sexted Isaiah that first night she meets them and then screwed Isaiah next after sending him nudes and sexting, oh yeah he is 20-21 years old and she liked that too, Along with 9 more of their friends including one guy that brought her home drunk from the bar and seen her underwear she had shown him, so she said she gave him a sympathy f**k. The list is so long it is on a link at the bottom to include messages lies and picture videos. I really tried to keep all this from coming out but Misty has continued to blame me for her personal prostitute life and I’ve had enough so here is the dirt to everyone feel free to look it up and see all the profile pictures and lists its time her lies catch up to her, don’t let her wreck your home or life or lie to you anymore she has real evil in her and hopefully she gets help…or if nothing else stops blaming others for her double life. You can see multiple videos of her having s*x on Pornhub, X*X Videos along with the Snapchat pictures everywhere see pictures beware and watch out for this person she is a world-class hoe…. #Mistytinderapplications #blondie1278 #Michiganslut #iowaslut #tiktok #Homewreckermisty #instagramslut #mistymariebetts

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