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Mirko Jovanovic Washed up tennis wannabe turned narcissistic sociopath woman abuser

Mirko Jovanovic is an emotional and mental abuser. He is a habitual liar and wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him the face. He’d miss that one too like he missed so many tennis balls. He will manipulate and tell people lies to make you look bad and him good. Though I would encourage all those who believe him to go to the other party. Guarantee they have proof. Just as I do. He’s literally not right in the head. Something is off and he’s kinda dumb. He’s very bad in bed and can’t last more than a few seconds. He’s a horrific kisser and he’s in general selfish. He will lie and cheat on you and then blame you for it. He’s a pathetic excuse for a man. He’s a drunk and suffers from a massive ego though not sure where he gets it or why? Don’t waste your time on this loser. He’s just worthless and he does live in a rented room. He’s not a catch! He claims he’s the head pro at the Tiburon club he works at but he is not. He claims to be some incredible former tennis pro but look at his stats he was anything but! He claims so much that all turn out to be false fabrications of his own ego. Even this photo is old as he doesn’t look like that even but uses it on his dating profile. He’s not this guy. Half his face is paralyzed cuz he got beat up for being an ass once at a bar. And he’s a lot older. He looks like an old pervert. He also dresses like he’s out of the 80s. It’s sad. He’s evil and a total coward too. He’s definitely not a man. All california ladies don’t be fooled. You will be one of many and then when you catch him he’ll blame you and say you were never together despite the mass amounts of proof you have otherwise. Don’t be his next victim. He’s on bumble, tinder, Facebook, and hinge. He lives in San Rafael but is often in San Francisco. Trust me he’s a waste of time. He’s lazy drinks too much is a sloppy drunk and can’t perform in bed. He’s abusive and evil with no soul. If you meet Mirko Jovanovic the former Serbian tennis wannabe just walk away. No best to run! You’ll be fortunate to have done so. He’s abusive lacks respect for women thinks he’s something he’s not. He’s delusional crazy and needs shock treatment. He’s also got a small d#*% !! He wants to move to sausalito though so beware.

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