Boston Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters

Mike Maccaro — Abusive Alcoholic Narcissist Cheating Piece Of Crap

This guy books himself as a Master Carpenter who has owned his own company. He hasn’t paid taxes in over 10 years. Owes well over 100k to the IRS so he continues to work under the table. Sometimes he can convince an employer to pay him half his pay in cash and half in a check. He has multiple arrests for Domestic Violence and alcohol related arrests. He went to jail twice after pleading guilty to savagely beating his ex girlfriend because she caught him cheating and posting on Craigslist. Personal ads. He is a deadbeat dad. Owes Chilld support for kids that don’t even know him and is facing jail time once again for tax evasion. He’s currently living off a new girlfriend that he says he went after not for looks but for money because she owns a home and he can sponge off of her. He is a liar, an admitted abuser and a deadbeat. What a catch.

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