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Melodianne Patty Green Narcissistic liar

Melodianne Patty Green Narcissistic liar

Meet Melodianne or Patty Green. This woman is a terrible person who will lie, cheat, use you emotionally, use you for everything you have. This woman is a drunk, lazy, dirty, and heartless. She was cheating on me while I was doing everything for this woman and her psychopath sister who is just like her. In fact her whole family, lies and cheats, hates each other, and everyone around them. This woman also left me with a couple of stis. Avoid this cheating abuser and use at all costs. She will mentally and physically screw your life up.

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Joe April 4, 2021 at 10:59 am

This woman is bad news! I dated her years ago and she is the most self centered, unloving woman I’ve ever met.


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