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Melissa Goguen — Dirty Psycho

Melissa Goguen — Dirty Psycho

This girl has 3 kids from 3 different dads, she can’t seem to keep a man probably because she i insane. She is not fit to look after any of her children. She lays around all day does not keep her house clean let’s mold grow on dishes she has left lying around for days. She treats her men like crap and acts like a victim so everyone feels sorry for her. She is beyond childish and unstable. She is sick all the time but I think its just an excuse for pitty and to be lazy so everyone will do everything for her. No one wants to be around the crazy beotch because she’s is a user and never shuts up. She ruined her current boyfriends life caused him to lose the house he was building, he sold personal items to help her out with bills because she never goes to work. She destroys everything around her. Stay away! You have been warned!

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Sarah Veilleux January 22, 2021 at 5:17 am

This girl is mentally unstable, she has tried to commit suicide a few different times, refuses to seek help, she also uses her men and treats them like crap.
Children shouldn’t be left in her care.


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