Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Grand Prairie

Megan Priscilla Audet — Lieing B1tch / Sh1tty Mom

Megan Priscilla Audet — Lieing B1tch / Sh1tty Mom

 Ive known this chick for a few years we didnt talk for a while then a few moths ago she messaged me asking for money saying she didnt have enough money for food for her two kids. So being the generious person that iam i lent her 200 dollars, Then she blocked me on all social media and my phone number to my surpirse i found out child services took her children forever ago and she lost custody and then i find out about her drug addiction. who the fuk lies about needing money for their kids and doesnt even have them. You know who iam… Fuk you for lieing to me this is what you get for being a slimmy b1tch.

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