Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Kitchener

Megan Bennett — Four Eyed Cvnt

Megan Bennett — Four Eyed Cvnt

So this little sloot is a dirty little b1tch who fukin works the streets, the amount of DRDs this girl is literally disgusting. She gave her kid up because she rather have a stress free life then look after a child at 20yrs old, I mean why spread ur legs and make a child then? Megan is a total scvmbag shes soooo greasy little look like a pot of greas got dump on her head lmao he breath smells like row old dirty crabs ? , shes threaten my child saying she was gonna stab him shes fuckin whacked shes lied about being sexually assaulted and beaten shes nothing but a seeking attention slore who fukin crys wolf when she doesnt get her way shes a cry baby.

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