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Meet Amber Lee McCormish, Slore Extraordinaire!

Meet Amber Lee McCormish Slore Extraordinaire!

 This bitch likes to fuk other women’s boyfriends while fukin with 5 other guys at the same time. She has a pill problem and gross floppy huge nipple banana titties that for some reason she loves showing off (especially to guys that are taken). Her and the ex can have each other. I hope he hits her like he did me. Raggedy ass bitch can’t even take a picture without a filter. Calls herself the Queen of Tint cause she tints cars for a living (when she’s not busy popping pills and fucking anyone who pays attention to her). She’s the Queen of Cnt.

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Your mom December 23, 2020 at 6:46 pm

She also sells drugs in the parking lot of my store


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