Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Surrey

Maya Law — Two Timing Lying Sloot

Maya Law — Two Timing Lying Sloot

 Ppl in surry bc watch out she is a Two faced skank she has a bad rep in Dawson city yukon way she moved to bc she has a kid and uses him to her Advantage to get what she want she never lets the baby daddy see him Alienated the poor kid away from the baby daddy ppl should know the truth about Esther Mendelsohn aka maya law watch out I say She knows how to manipulate people to get what she wants she is a sloot skank because of the bars every weekend manipulates guys to get what she wants and fuked in the kicks him out she has a drd codiv19 she hygiene problem also has drd. she has broken up a cops family in the yukon used to have Competitions with her mom in the bar to see you could pick up the most men in one night she had gangbangs with her friend Esther Christiansen.

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