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Matthew Kairys — Snitching Method Out Truck Driving Grease Ball

Matthew Kairys — Snitching Method Out Truck Driving Grease Ball

Okay, let me tell you about this boy right Here, He is nothing but a judgmental compulsive lying scvm lord, his daddy is a manager at Ford so the kid grew up spoiled and got everything handed to him that’s until his mom and dad cut him off for selling all there belongings for blow, he will lie and say Whatever he has to so he can get what he wants then he just dips off without holding up his end of the bargain, he has to get his girlfriend to pay for all his meth and truck needs when his government checks run out, and even has her pay for his baby moms groceries cause he spent all his money on meth and sh1t for his stolen trucks, he talks mad sh1t about his baby mom calling her a slore telling you how her and her new man is smoking downs but turns around and tells you he’s going to try and get back together with her meanwhile he is dating some next girl keeping it a huge secret from his baby mom when she doesn’t want his methed out ass This man gets arrested with his girl who he uses and treats like sh1t when she’s the one with a real job paying his rent and his and her drug habits man goes into Barton telling all his cellies he has a glock but it’s just locked up at his dads but the dirt ball has to steal a little pellet gun from his dealer who is 3x his size and when he is caught on camera he blames it on his girl to save himself then he even let her take the blame all he does is drive around with no license in a stolen truck but as soon as he gets arrested he snitches you out for selling him it honestly your best bet is to Stay away from this little snitch unless you’re tryna end up being fuked over, lied too, or used, trust me.

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