Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Guelph

Matthew Forbes — Guelph’s Matthew Forbes

Matthew Forbes — Guelph’s Matthew Forbes

Guelph feminist c-v- n-ts, Matthew Forbes, the owner of Matthew’s Barbershop for feminist government layabouts. Matthew, awesome seeing your pal Tristan Curtis being made someone’s complete b1tch in just six punches. Matthew Forbes eyeball f-u-k- s us all the time, and the b1-t-c-h still done nothing to defend the honour of Tristan Curtis and Julia Kitras. Forbes, accept it. I saw Curtis turned inside and out like a $30 h-0-e. Nothing you can do about it but get our steaks prepared. I like mine medium rare!

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Little JJ October 30, 2020 at 3:21 am

Guelph welfare-bum and drug addict Tristan ” The Inflation” Curtis and Guelph Community Living Guelph Wellington floor worker Miranda “All-Three-Holes” Hubbard now advocate for the mental health of their dead racist-white-liberal-supremacist friend, Tyler Cook.

The Inflation and All-Three-Holes ACTUALLY targeted, accosted and attacked their black neighbor because they said, they thought he was mentally ill, so he be an easy fight! Why anyone would target someone they thought was mentally ill and use that as an excuse to attack him? Well, just shows you the low-human character of these racist-white-liberal pukes.

Anyhow, The Inflation and All-Three-Holes proclaimed, they thought the black man was mentally ill for not throwing his eyes to the ground in their presence, promoting their jobs in those garbage social programs they work for, removing his inferior books offline, thanking them for their white liberal agenda and what it has done for an inferior black like him, lowering his eyes to their racial superiority and apologizing to them for his inferior intellect and existence.

>>>These liberal clowns basically assumed that black guy was mentally ill and weak, so he would be an easy fight.

Then Deborah Hastings, Melanie Misanchuk said, we wanna help you put this mentally-ill darkie-antelope in his place.
Anyhow the fight resulted in The Inflation getting his monkey ass kicked by that inferior black, his prejudice mouth pissed in and him using his kids as a shield to get out of the attack he was losing. What a Complete Bitch!

Funny, The Inflation used violence to demand submission and respect yet left no respect and had to submit to using his infant kids to avoid getting his monkey-ass kicked around more.

Then his racist pals Melanie Misanchuk, a University of Waterloo Learning Consultant, and Deborah Hastings, another deadbeat parent like Inflation Curtis, got another one of their bum-of-the-month fighters, Kenneth Chase, to attack that black man. Turns out Chase is a complete bitch too!

Important People! Tyler Cook died of natural causes not mental-health issues. Cook routinely indulged in plenty of booze and drugs, so he lived an unproductive, idle and self indulgent lifestyle. Then died of the natural consequences resulting from that lifestyle. That’s not a mental illness, Nik. That’s just a liberal bum! Nik, we understand the white liberals feel nothing bad is suppose to them, just the people they exploit and attack. However, Tyler Cook was a weak man, a piece of shit with the lowest human character like Tristan Curtis and Miranda Hubbard. Super happy this terriorist bum of the month is dead

>> This fundraiser only exists to fund the self-indulgent lifestyle of All-Three-Holes Hubbard, that drug addicted welfare bum Inflation Curtis and the other liberal government layabouts in their terrorist organization (see listing below)

Also donating to Tyler Cook’s fraudulent fundraiser aids these terrorists to acquire more weapons for attacking more blacks, burning down more black businesses, bailing out of jail their gang members carrying out these acts of terrorism (see listing below) and exploiting even more people they feel are weak mentally-ill targets. All in the name of #blacklivesmatter and Mental Health

>>>My Boy’s got a trial coming up sometime in November 2020 at the Guelph Criminal Courthouse from pissing on Tristan Curtis. Come down and hear how The Inflation accosted my Boy, got his monkey ass kicked and then used his kids as shield to get out of the attack he started. Hilarious!

Also hear how Melanie Misanchuk, Deborah Hastings, Lindsay Cox and Kenneth Chase helped The Inflation carry out his attack then cried like bitches when The Inflation lost
>>>> After my boy’s trial, we’ll get the judge’s ruling and post it online.

Contrary, All-Three-Holes now publicly complaining of her mental issues on facebook. Nik, having three kids with a deadbeat boyfriend like The Inflation would be stressful for anyone.

The Inflation never pays or even contributes to the parenting of his plethora of illegitimate kids, super uneducated, no skills, puts you and you children in harms way to get out of his attacks, again got his monkey-ass kicked for his prejudice bullshit, got again turned inside and out like a $30 hoe, got that lazy-liberal peter-pan syndrome to boot. All-Three-Holes, leave The Inflation, and we’ll again give you $20 to fart in your mouth and another $5 for your mother Sandy Hamilton.

The Inflation and All-Three-Holes ACTUALLY targeted, accosted and attacked their black neighbor because they said, they thought he was mentally ill, so he be an easy fight! Why anyone would target someone they thought was mentally ill and use that as an excuse to attack him? Well, just shows you the low-human character of these racist-white-liberal pukes. “Tristan Curtis” “Miranda Hubbard”

Racist White-liberal terrorists Scott Haynes, Stephanie Yates, Alanna Gurr, Emma Horwarth Withers. Julia Kitras, Kelly Seagram, Kenneth Chase, Matthew Forbes

The Profound Words of Tristan “The Inflation” Curtis. The Inflation

The Yard and crackhouse of Tristan Curtis and Miranda Hubbard. Look at that rockhouse. What a shithole! The welfare barbecue complete with a community cum-filled mattress. Guelph’s King of Welfare. Miranda, those babies even Poly Tristan’s or the community’s??

Just a $10 donation can help The Inflation Curtis write like this. “Why don’t you parents bring the snow inside instead of dressing your kids for outside play.” The Inflation clearly hitting the pipe hard again.

Racist Bull Dike Deborah Hastings. Fuck, that bull looks like the bottom of my ball sack. No guys dicking that either!

Linda Misanchuk also dead gone. The world’s a better place, people. Tyler Cook and Linda Misanchuk, two white-racist-liberal terrorists down and 17 more to go. Linda, your daughter Melanie definitely incompetent at planning and carrying out murders. Never a great idea to use crackheads like The Inflation for these simple things. Anyhow, another pussy liberal rat drowning in her own bucket of piss. Good Stuff!

Kenneth Chase, the Pussy Liberal Melanie Misanchuk threaten would fuck up my boy on The Inflation’s behalf. Misanchuk said, \”Kenneth Chase, you know fucken rock climbs. Do what I say, for this bum-of-the-month definitely a tougher fight then Curtis.\” Please! Clearly, Chase broke his wrist from tugging too hard his cock and every guys’ in the neighborhood, Pussy Liberal Chase, my boy’s busy. Get in line to suck his dick sometime in January 2021

Guelph Arts Council helps local racist-white liberal, Jennifer Mitchell, clean up her image, so she can continue prosecuting blacks she feels are inferior to her liberal agenda and intellect. Scott Haynes and Jennifer Mitchell stand for the new liberal racism, now, tomorrow and forever!!

Another racist-white-liberal and soft-living trust-fund bum Kelly Seagram

Julia Kitras and Stephen Kitras, both entitled-white-liberal pukes often used the sexual assault and death of Elke Kitras as a means to take advantage of her when terminally ill and manipulate others. Though Elke Kitras was an apple waiting to be picked by her parents, these rotten apples All Fall Close To The Disease Tree. The Kitras’ even pilage their own. I absolutely love it.

Pussy Liberal Big-Gay Matthew and Community Liberal Shank Jenny Mitchell. Matthew Forbes honestly a complete bitch

Tristan Curtis and Miranda Hubbard. The Inflation and All-Three-Holes enjoying a drink after Hubbard taking every swinging dick in the community to earn that bacon.

Scott Hayne, beautiful tits for a man

Pussy Liberal The Inflation Tristan Curtis, crying like a complete bitch from getting beat up and pissed on

Melanie Misanchuk definitely not great at executing murders, Linda. Not that smart to use crackhead-welfare bums like The Inflation. Misanchuk said, “Kenneth Chase rock climbs.” Ya, shut the fuck up, you fucken bitch! Go get at that stove and fry us some eggs beat the hell up like Tristan Curtis

Curtis 1

View Tristan “Inflation” Curtis’ profound writing. The piece narrates him sitting on welfare monitoring his neighbours instead of parenting his kids and providing for his family.

Also notice the copy makes no sense in explaining this. LSD’s a hell of a drug, Nik.

Only his pu-s-s-y-liberal-crackhead friends believe this copy sounds logical. View the copy’s comment section

Why fuck this guy trying to sound like Ernest Hemingway. It makes no sense. His attempt to sound descriptive and literary shows how stupid this liberal actually is.

Nik. Everyone’s slipping on the slime trail of Inflation Curtis. Taxpayers will be paying the bills for the damage goods coming out of the d1ck of Inflation Curtis

Tristan Curtis 2

Nik, I recall The Inflation got his monkey ass kicked while trying to bully his black neighbor into throwing his eyes to ground. Nik, don’t let this racist-liberal hijack our movement. Him and his kind are the problem. Supporting Moon Craft Kids = supporting your local white-feminist supremacist racist terrorist to attack the blacks and anyone they feel are weak mentally ill targets. Nik, this posting of Tristan Curtis’ again makes no god damn sense, what poor writing overall. The Inflation again hitting the pipe hard!

Tristan Curtis 3

University of Waterloo’s Racist White-Feminist Supremacist, who aided her also racist neighbour and pal, Tristan ” The Inflation” Curtis, attack a black man for reckless eyeballing of a white. However, Inflation Curtis lost, got his monkey ass kicked and used his babies as a shield throughout the fight. Misanchuk, the racist prowling Trex. No one’s dicking that bitch! #blacklivesmatter #bipoc #feministstrong

Guelph’s white-feminist-supremacists:
Matthew’s Barbershop, Matthew Forbes, Emma Howarth Withers, Guylaine LaRochelle, Scott Haynes, Julia Kitras, Stephen Kitras, Vincent Klimkosz, Dakota Plante, Lucy Kitras, Ryan Cassidy, Paul Copoc, Wyndham Art Supply, No Guff Auto, Common Cafe, Miranda Dawn Hubbard (all three holes Hubbard), Community Living Guelph, Shopkeeper Guelph, Golden Bus Guelph, Jennifer Mitchell, Michelle Hadati, Meredith Brown, Brita Akerstream, Michal Dudek, Vinnie’s Mr. Fix It, Kitras Art Glass, Royal City Roller Derby, Stephanie Yates, Joseph Shorter, Aggie Mlynarz, Candice Lepage, Rachael Maple, Gnathan Campagnaro, Sandy Hamilton “All Three Holes Sandy Hamilton”, Christine Curtis, Paul Curtis, Kevin Konnyu, Kenneth Chase, Bobby Shaftoe


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