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Matt Peters

Matt Peters and his gaggle of Pakistani cyber terrorists run a shady online SEO ORM outfit called “Search Manipulators” which supposedly runs out of San Francisco California, but his agents run amok throughout the Middle East where they can stay just out of reach of U.S. or European law enforcement.

Their business model is fairly simple – they advertise as doing Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) and Online Reputation Management (“ORM”) but then start to pull you into their criminal enterprise by (without telling you) posting positive fake reviews about you and your company online, while not doing a damned thing to combat or fight already existing negative postings about you or your business online.

This way, by the time you find out that Matt Peters and his (plausible denial) Pakistani terrorists are posting fake positive reviews about you, it’s too late, and you are now part and parcel of his international criminality.

This is analogous to a drug dealer unknowingly slipping their victim heroin slowly and without their knowledge, until one day the victim wakes up drugged up and hopelessly addicted, and now with the fear of the abuser calling the cops on you and turning you in.

Even when you email this criminal Matt Peters and his team written warnings not to post fake reviews, even positive ones, he does not listen.

Each and every month, these scumbags steal more and more money from your credit card, and if you are late with payments, or want to terminate services, you will find yourself a victim of a barrage of online negative postings from non-clients, all of Pakistani Muslim descent, or even entire websites such as devoted to destroying you, costing upwards of $5-10,000 to remove!


Is this a coincidence?

I think not.

Matt Peters merely follows the same tried and proven methodologies that the American CIA, Israeli Mossad, and British Intelligence Services MI-6 use in employing stupid Pakistani Muslims to do their dirty work because Muslims generally have no self respect and will get off anyway, even if their behavior causes untold death and destruction, as long as it hurts the “infidels.”

Stay the hell away from Matt Peters and his Frankenstein monster SEO/ORM company “Search Manipulators” because the writing is on the wall, and federal indictments are coming very, very soon, as he pissed off the wrong people.

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