Married cheater, target colleagues around workplace, pretends single or divorced cheater- Brian Minki Kwak
☝️ This scum – Brian Minki Kwak –Korean Scumbag – sex addicting. Working at Aden and anais. This cheap scum pretends to be single, pretends as your boyfriend, target colleagues, cheat on multiple females around workplace for short term love relationships and SEX, one night stand.
He said his wife infertility and lies divorced, call her EX-wife, but they lives together in Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ currently. This scum is very cheap, Liar , never pay one dollar. This scum just Relies on women for getting all benefits. This short Penis fuck multiple females, and ditched them just after fuck. How his dirty Penis! Call his wife by 201-983-2345. This scum is liar , cheater. SCUMBAG. Cheater need to be exposed!

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