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Mark Johnston — Humanity’s Nightmare

Mark Johnston — Humanity’s Nightmare

Well world meet the infamously stupid Mark Johnston , not only known for making multiple “construction/ renovation “ companies all while uncertified and uninsured , this barely hs graduate has a habit of popping children into the world and then ditching onto the next victim . This man has a track record for the hurting and broken and searches for girls in weak moments and Feeds off the situation till he’s in control. No matter what the situations though the story is always the same ! Meets Vulnerable girl , tells them he’s just out of an abusive relationship , moves into the girls house cause he can never support himself although he runs a business ? Proposes , gets her pregnant and then doesn’t support the kids. 6 children This sperm bank has put in the world , 1 in smiths falls , 3 in Brockville , 1 in cardinal he has never bothered to meet or acknowledge and abother on the way with his brainwashed fiancé . How long till he ditches on this one who knows but he hasn’t seen the other 5 in years despite hitting up the baby mamas for hook up despite being engaged but runs when they ask him to step up to support his children. If abandoning kids didn’t make mr. Johnston bad enough , he is known around the Ottawa , smiths falls , Brockville , Prescott , Perth , cardinal area as a creep. Being fired from tim hortons after tim Hortons for hitting on under aged girls , not surprising his wife of 7 years was under aged when he met her and got her knocked up at 17 while he was 22!. The worst thing about mister Johnston though is he is a fake abuse victim. Any girl that has tried to leave his abusive ass is all of a sudden labeled an abuser when the truth is he’s physically harmed his ex’s and children on multiple occasions and had been involved with cas due to violent behaviors and with his spouses and children beforehand ! This man is a danger to woman and children alike

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David January 2, 2021 at 9:20 am

I know this man personally and can vouch that this post is so far from the truth that it’s almost laughable he is one of the most outstanding people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Why must people try to spread lies?


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