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Marissa Carbary — Mom Should Have Swallowed You.

Marissa Carbary — Mom Should Have Swallowed You.

Oh where do I start with this crazy hoe. Well first off shes literally psychotic, a drunk, cant be alone so she hopes from one guy or girl to the next. Recently her main bf goes to jail for fighting with her and this isn’t the first person she has gotten locked up. Marissa loves to call the police for w.e reason. 2 days after he man gets locked up she has hickeys all over her neck and is desperate for someone to “hangout” with her. She does and says anything to get her way, threatens suicide fakes a pregnancy, threatens to get people beat up or killed, sends pictures of her cutting herself and just snaps for no apparent reason. She has been to jail and is a convicted felon but what I dont understand is how she sucks people in and they put up with being abused mentally and physically and put in jail and they still stay! Stay away she ruines people’s lives and has no remorse. Her own family wint even put up with her and her mother is an floozy

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