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Marika Stepanis Desperate Sugar Baby

Marika Stepanis Desperate Sugar Baby

Marika Stepanis She Is A Home Wrecker. This [REDACTED] waitress slept with my husband when he was working out of town.

Watch out for this attention whore Marika Stepanis. All she wants is guys attention when in reality she has a boyfriend. She is so desperate to be famous on Instagram it’s sad to see. Stop accepting $$$ from strangers. Throw a bucket of water on this chick and she goes from a 6 to a 3. 30 years old still works at hooters and doesn’t have any friends because she is a fake ass bitch. We don’t care about you 800th filtered AF selfie. You call her out for having a boyfriend on IG and she will delete the comment and block you. She is the fakest ever. From your looks to your “sweet” personality. Grow up and put some fucking clothes on Marika Stepanis.

Marika Stepanis

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