Marian Rice

Marian Rice is a big, fat, tuna-smelling, corrupt, lying, thieving, greedy feminist jewish bitch that will steal your money faster than shit goes through a goose.

She somehow landed as a client through her corrupt law firm L’Abbate Balkan Colavita & Contini LLP a few insurance companies whom she and her corrupt lawyers like her idiot sidekick Kimberly Glen rape and pillage and bilk on a regular basis for hundreds of thousands of dollars for such small minor cases as $5000 fee disputes by and between their law firm clients and scumbag claimants that should never, ever cost that much.

But, being the corrupt con-artist that she is, Marian Rice knows that this is the only way that she can remain a partner in a law firm when she has neither looks, brains, intelligence, skills, or anything else worth her being a partner.

Add to the equation that she is an extremist feminist bitch (and probably a bona fide witch) she knows which side her fat ass is buttered.

Do not hire her, as you will regret it.

And if you get assigned her as a lawyer through your insurance company, be assured that you will never be able to obtain another insurance policy again after she is done raping your insurance company for a few hundred grand in unnecessary and unethical “legal fees,” driving your premiums and loss run ratios through the roof.

You have been warned.

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Suite 1025
Melville, New York 11747
Tel: (516) 294-8844

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