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Maria Pal — Dirty Arab H0e

Maria Pal — Dirty Arab H0e

This b1tch is unreal…. she’ll pretend she’s a nice person … manipulate people , never has money when she goes out she actually sucks guys off for free coffees , shisha … whatever she can get. She’s hurting as f. She acts like she’s a Instagram influencer when really she’s a bum bi*** that has no money no go out , she always where’s the same Louis bag that is over done and that Burberry scarf. It’s funny because she dated a guy who bought her it and she’ll never ever have that again… thirsty a** dirt. The worst part about her his she is so fake … even her own friends turn on her and say she’s a broke h0e. Sadly she likes to fuk everyone’s boyfriends too. Calgary’s finest dirt trash ladies and gents ! If you want a free ride slide into her DM, she’ll gladly be a free h0e. It’s so funny she acts like she’s the hottest chick around…. keep editing your photos , it does you NO justice Maria. You’re a fat , slobby, smelly h0e. You must just love lying to people acting like you have money or act like your feiends are real. Your day will come where you’ll run out of peoples boyfriends to duck off or have to move because you’ve already gave yourself the worst name ever. Keep up the broke bum b1tch life . I’m sure you’ve been with the whole city of Calgary by now. You’re not an influencer your a fat little pig Yummy bye fatty.

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