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Marco Antonio Parize — Beware Of Psycho Marco Parize

Marco Antonio Parize — Beware Of Psycho Marco Parize

This guy Marco Parize is a straight up PSYCHO he has severe mental issues. He prey on woman, hara55, stalk, and curse you out while he is recording just so he can re-watch to get off on cursing at people and running off like a scared b1tch. This guy is pathological liar. He is in his 40’s , lives with parents still, has no education. Stupid as fuk. He mooches off of every woman. He will assault and steal from you!!! He has an obsession with calling people disgusting filthy names and accuses you of such disgusting things because he gets off on insulting people and calling people names, which I find funny because he is actually defining who he is. Ladies stay away from him, he has a severe mental illness and will stalk you around and try to ruin your life when you don’t want his broke a55. HE has a mental illness and acts very demonic when he goes through manic stage!!! He is fuking loser!!! Drives sh1tty car, special in his crazy head, mental illness, full of drama, a thief, and a male sloot. He reminds me of 13 year old boy with a poor learning disability that cries and start drama everyday. He is very slow and stupid. He is just an old man acting like he is still in high school looking for women too mooch off. When I say he is crazy he is freaking crazy he belongs in the mental institute. Next thing you know he takes photos of your DL, License plate, all your previous addresses, steal your bank account, stalk you every where, harasses all your friends, and will assault you and break into your home. He is a fuking lunatic!

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