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Manoeska Clarke gave 3 people in our church an STD!

This little girl Fs more dudes in a week than an entire old school brothel. She’s down to f any guy, doesn’t matter if he looks like Quasimoto as long as she gets high, she’s down everytime. Her track record shows that she favors men in church, pastors, second. She’s got no morals, she gives no f*cks if she’s tearing a family apart. MULTIPLE times I’ve caught her hooking up with our Pastor, she’s not even smart enough to know when it’s obviously someone from the church messaging her…talk about a mush brain! Drugs are bad mmmmkkkkk. Sadly it’s not the dope that made her the whore, that shit is in her blood. So if you’re interested in a slut on the slower side, she’s your girl! Bitch needs to put her tongue back in her mouth for a bit. She has ruined our Church of Christ in Houston Texas

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