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Mallory Johnston — MALLORY JOHNSTON?

Mallory Johnston — MALLORY JOHNSTON?

Mallory is a life suking, manipulative pos who hides it scarily well. she plays multiple ppl at once and uses them for a home while she plays the “neglected by mommy” card for sympathy and money even tho her mom would have her at home if she asked. she is a pathological liar who cannot tell the truth to save her life, and shows no remorse or even understanding for how fuked up the things she does to ppl are. she literally ruins people emotionally and moves on to the next girl like it didnt even happen and when she’s called out, somehow manages to make an excuse for everything and stand by what she did like it’s normal. she is a sociopath and nothing can convince me she isn’t. she has SERIOUS ISSUES. and the worst part is she will have no idea who wrote this, because she’s done so much fuked up sh1t to SO many people that it will be impossible to narrow it down. this chick is by far the most psychotic girl i’ve met in my LIFE. like her sinister ways of emotional and mental manipulation without a single drop of remorse is like shit u see in movies but think “no one could be that crazy irl”. well, meet mallory. or maybe avoid doing that at all costs. i wish i did smh. when they say gemini’s have two personality’s she is the poster child of the stereotype. to the point where i think she has multiple personality disorder. if you meet her STAY AWAY. her gf literally went MISSING and she had her phone and wouldn’t tell her that anyone was looking for her. posts were all over social media and she was letting family and friends think that their loved one was MISSING. and potentially in danger?? and she didn’t tell anyone and kept it hidden, all while posting asking people to help FIND HER. she is CRAZY. some luca magnotta type crazy.

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